You know how you put off getting skin spots that worry you checked by a doctor even though it could have serious health consequences? Imagine if you could have a skin check at home without having to get naked in front of a stranger. How good would that be?

With SkinView you can use your smartphone to get a Dermatology quality diagnosis of any spot, anywhere, anytime for free. By making skin checks quick, convenient and free SkinView will drive huge savings in healthcare costs and will save hundreds of thousands of lives, maybe even yours.

Two out of every three Australians will develop a skin cancer, and worldwide that adds up to over 1 billion people. Early diagnosis is critical to increasing survival rates and reducing treatment costs, costs which currently run at over $10 billion a year in Australia and the US alone.

With SkinView your smartphone becomes a Dermatologist in your pocket. Instant, accurate analysis of any skin spot, anywhere, anytime and for free, with optional second opinion confirmation for a small fee.